End of week 2

Wednesday and Thursday we built the trusses and the cabinets for the straw bale house. We joined Chris and Francisco in the wood shop for some training on power tools (and of course safety). Cali, Matt, and Alyssa were on cabinets. Out back, Jason, Kelly, and Jerry were cutting the longest beams for the trusses. Inside, Claire and I cut the smaller pieces for the trusses out of stud material.

On the second day, the cabinets received their faces and the wood was assembled and pressed into trusses.

Friday we began demolition at the trailer site. We tore the plywood skirting off the bottom, disassembled the deck, and dug holes to locate the course of the sewer line. We were all excited to have our first week of heaving lifting, precision cutting, and working together completed.                    -Lauren


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