Day 6: Building cabinets and trusses.

For Wednesday through Friday we will be building the trusses and the cabinets for the straw bale house. We joined Chris and Francisco in the wood shop for some training on power tools (and of course safety). The interiors of the cabinets were cut, pieced together, then glued and stapled by Matt and Cali (below).

Next up is the Alderwood, assembled and sanded to beauty by Alyssa.

Out back, Jason, Kelly, and Jerry were cutting the longest beams for the trusses. Inside, Claire and I cut the smaller pieces for the trusses out of stud material. Below Claire is looking for which way the board bows to determine which edge will be up for a supportive beam.
Once we figured out how to use our speed squares and the angles on the chop saw, we flew through all the cuts.

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