Day 3: Tour de Strawbale.

Our first Friday in Moab. We met the couple that we will be building a house for: Nancy and Eric (another Eric). They joined us for a tour of 8 different strawbale and natural-built homes, in 3 different areas. First we went out to Castle Valley. Here are some pictures of the landscape and homes.

We rode back into town and saw a couple of houses in the Mulberry Grove intentional community, which includes orchards, space for organic farming, and excludes cars in its interior streets. More information available at:
An exciting visit for me was Doni Kiffmeyer and Kaki Hunter’s home in Moab. I moved to Moab with their book, a great foundation on earthbag building: Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks, and Techniques. Their plot is their laboratory for discovering the best mixes of earth materials, new and refined techniques, and how earthen structures age. Hearing their ideas directly and realizing how central Moab is to the natural building community in our country has motivated the interns to learn as much as possible while we live here.

The last house we visited was the most whimsical and impressive. It is truly a design-build masterpiece:


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