Day 2: A glance at the build plans.

The Community Rebuilds “Campus” house is where us 8 interns live together. We are 2 people per room and we also have a spare bedroom. One kitchen, a big living, two bathrooms, a whole lot of furniture from Wabi Sabi, the local thriftique, and food and history from the previous semesters of interns are the cogs that will keep our house running.
This morning we met again with the executive director of Community Rebuilds, Emily, and our builders, Kelly Ray and Eric, to take a first look at the plans for the house we will be building over the next 4 months. We discussed passive solar heating, building materials, site considerations, and meeting or exceeding local building codes. Our builders and Emily tied it all together for us by introducing the systems concept of permaculture. We were also introduced to Kelly Ray’s direct sense of humor.

Us 8 interns will also split into pairs to develop and in some cases implement plans for 4 specialized projects:
– Rainwater catchment and irrigation.
– Greywater plumbing/storage, filtering, and use.
– Landscaping using permaculture principles.
– Solar hotwater heater for an outdoor shower- the first site will be the campus house.
After lunch, we piled into a couple of cars and went for a hike at Culvert Canyon. Eric and Kelly Ray were completely prepared to abandon us, but we kept and eye on them.


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