Jubilee Veggie Garden, July Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight: Ann Dawson, Kayle Hammer, and Lauren Zimmermann
Jubilee’s Veggie Garden Volunteers

Veggie Garden 3As we finally begin our summer here in Seattle, Jubilee’s residents and volunteers are busy planting, weeding and harvesting fresh vegetables for residents to eat. When asked what drew her to Jubilee, new veggie garden volunteer Kayle Hammer said, “I wanted to give back to my community and be involved with an inspiring organization. Volunteering has allowed me to meet some wonderful new people and remind me how a little kindness can go a long way.” For volunteer Ann Dawson, gardening is a hobby, an outlet and her passion. She says, “For me gardening is a miracle – a tiny seed becomes something to eat! I really get a kick out of foraging in my garden for something good to eat and hope some of the residents will enjoy it too. Perhaps they will learn to cook new things with such wonderful ingredients.”

Chard2 2Created in 2009 and maintained completely by volunteers and residents, the veggie garden was dreamt up by volunteer Lauren Zimmermann. On extremely limited budgets, most residents cannot afford fresh produce. Lauren designed and helped to install a garden that offers an abundance of home grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs so that residents can enjoy healthy foods they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. What’s in the ground this summer? Strawberries, blueberries, artichokes, rainbow chard, onions, radishes, tomatoes, and much more! “Gardening is such a simple action that allows people to look at a necessity in their lives,” Lauren says. “Most people have pride in the place they live, they enjoy being outdoors on a nice day, they enjoy saving money on essentials, and they enjoy quality food – all these things are delivered to the residents of Jubilee via a simple 20′ by 50′ vegetable garden. When a resident asks me about the garden, asks me about how to grow, how to help, or just shares something they noticed, they are sharing an insight into their process of developing themselves while healing at Jubilee.”

“August is the big show,” Lauren says. There will be ripe tomatoes, zucchini galore, beans, peas, greens, more beets, and possibly some small carrots. Residents and volunteers will see and taste all their hard work paid off when munching on fresh greens and juicy berries!

Interested in getting involved in Jubilee’s veggie garden? Contact Angie at (206) 957-5512 or angie@jwcenter.org.


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