"Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice"- not true


From my experience at the cancer research center- this is very close to what many of the projects my team was doing and it makes total sense (although I am curious of the side effects- we need lactic acid for muscle function). The focus of this ‘cure’ is programmed cell death.

What this article is not saying, however, is that so much destruction can be done before the programmed cell death, that you will likely still lose the organ. It is not like the cell becomes completely healthy again, it just stops it from giving other cells the idea of malignancy. So this is only a cure for cancer if the cancer is caught extremely early and if we have successful organ replacement or therapy techniques. The industry would still have to pour money into early detection, which is a whole other animal.

Drug companies picking it up does not surprise me in any way. Many methods and technologies are sidelined for what companies are willing to produce and fund. The team I worked with focused heavily on early detection for this reason: cures and solutions are many and emerging, but killing it before it can start to really kill the organ or person is much more site-specific, person-specific, and complex.


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