What is it about 20somethings article


1) This generation of 20somethings is more educated than any previous generation: overeducated. Most of our parents are from the Baby Boomer generation. Even though the Baby Boomers had a hard time finding jobs right out of college in the early 70s, they encouraged all of us to go to university. Now we have an abundance of young people with excellent liberal arts education, but fewer young people in trades and non-academic training programs.

2) I would also like to point to the example of Europe: 20somethings often live with their parents, even when in a long-term relationship, because they cannot afford their own place, they elect to save money, or there is a housing shortage. If this hardship is allowing families of the United States to become closer again, I am thankful for it.

3) We had a housing crisis because too many cheap homes were built and bought with limited funding and credit. We have too many houses in this country, yet we also have no homes for millions of people. I think a great solution to the foreclosed and abandoned homes would have been for the government to seize those properties from banks and give them to local municipalities to operate as shelters. You would need an extensive amount of man-power to do this: that is job creation. Socially conscious jobs are popular with many of the liberal arts educated young people in this country: they have the energy and ideas for those positions. I understand the funding for this idea would take large tax increases on municipalities. I am personally not opposed to that, especially in a time of great need like we are currently. (Note: If we returned federal taxation back to pre- George W. Bush era, we would have the money for this, currently that federal income deficit is sitting in wealthy large business owner pockets across our country.)


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